Healthy lunch , fine view of Japanese red-crowned crane & Hokkaido Garden from restaurant Doremifa-sora in Tshurui-mura
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Cottage in Tsuruimura/Healthy lunch , fine view of Japanese red-crowned crane & Hokkaido Garden from restaurant Doremifa-sora in Tshurui-mura
Cottage in Tsuruimura

Farm in Tsurui

From Doremifa-sora a 2-minute walk, Next to one of the two major feedings ground "Tsurumidai of Tsurui-mura," there are the accommodations [there is a farm in Tsurui] of the rental vacation cottage type. It is the place that is reliable with convenience at the location that it is most recent, and R53 went along on the way.

A village flower cosmos is met at the front of the cottage in a cosmos field owned by a village. All over the site of approximately 1 hectare, a light pink flower meets people visiting the village.


Enjoy with your family and Friend

Farm in Tsurui is the accommodation of one type for rent. Lets enjoy with your family and friend.

Because, including a hot plate and a rice cooker, there is the preparation for basic kitchen utensil, You bring in delicious ingredients of Hokkaido and show an arm like a bistro chef and can enjoy roasted meat or the Jingisukan.


I heard the preparations for ingredients for the roasted meat if you can make a reservation to me beforehand. Please talk willingly. From public 2,000 yen (sparerib, saga re-ton fatty tuna, pig rose, vegetables)

The hotel charges

It varies according to the staying number of people. (one with much number of people is advantageous.) The one where is lower than a primary schoolchild does not include it in the number of people. It is the rate in one .1 night for rent. Please refer for the details

Neighboring tourist attractions

Number of people to stay Price
One person 3,500円〜
Two people 6,000円〜
Three people 8,000円〜
Four people 10,000円〜
Eight people 14,000円/〜

Doremifa-sora was entrusted with the management of this cottage(Farm in Tsyrui) from Tsurui-mura.

Facilities are detailed

There are wooden one-story house (43m²), living 18.21m², an 13.26m² Japanese-style room, a kitchen, a restroom, a shower room, various kitchen utensils, tableware TV, refrigerator, heating, microwave oven, toaster, rice cooker, hot plate
There is it for bedclothing eight people

Address:Shimosetsuri Tsurui-mura Akan-gun
50min by Bus from JR Kushiro-station(Drop off at bus stop of Tsurumidai)
30min by car from Kushiro-Airport


For details, call Doremifa-sora at 0154-64-3987

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