Healthy lunch , fine view of Japanese red-crowned crane & Hokkaido Garden from restaurant Doremifa-sora in Tshurui-mura
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Working Hours

<closed : Tuesday>
(7 days a week in Feb & Mar )


transportation guide


form Kushiro-station to Doremofa-sora

Means of transportation Time required
by car or Taxi about 35 min
(Prefectural Road 53)
BUS(Akan bus: Tsurui line)
Please direct the enquiries to Akan bus about bus schedule from Kushiro station to Tsurumudai
about 50min(Drop off at bus stop of Tsurumidai)

from Kushiro-Airport to Doremifa-sara

Means of transportation Time required
Car or Taxi 25min by car
(Prefectural Road 53)

Neighboring tourist attractions

tourist attraction required time from Doremifa-sora
Tsurumidai 1 min by foot
Kushiro City Marsh Observatory 15 min by car
Lake Mashu 60 min by car
Lake Kottaro 30 min by car
Tsuruimura central area 5 min by car
Lake akan 60 min by car
Lake Kussharo 60 ~90 min by car

☆Restaurant Doremifa-sora with a view of Japanese crane

〒085-1211 Tsurumidai,Tsurui-mura,Akan-gun,Hokkaido
Working time:AM 8:30 - PM 5:00 closed: Tuesday(7 days a week in Feb & Mar )

ホーム カフェ
花苗ショップ 鶴居村を楽しむ
北海道ガーデン ギャラリー
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